Monday, December 10, 2012

My Blood is Sooo Thin

After a few years in California and a couple of extended trips to the Tropics, I reckon my blood is alot thinner than it used to be. I used to be very tolerant of the cold - quite enjoyed it really.

So when I casually turned up at the rim of Bryce Canyon, I got quite a shock. It is definitely a Dawn location, so you need to be there really early - especially it's particularly popular with photographers.

So there I am at 6:30AM (Pretty good start for me), at 9000ft on the rim waiting for the sun to come up in the howling wind. The trouble with the spot being popular is that you need to claim a spot and not move. The wind was strong enough that there was a chance of the tripod being blown over.

So an hour later when the sun has risen sufficiently for reasonable coverage of the bowl I am as cold as I can ever remember being. This is my excuse for this particular shot not being my best of the place...

I had a long hot shower after that.

Maybe I'll change my plans and go to Hawaii next year rather than Alaska. Hopefully I'll survive England at Xmas.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What Planet is This?

This is my second time to the Bisti Badlands in New Mexico, but the weirdness of the rock formations still amazes me.

This photo could easily be of another planet.

It is particularly spooky wandering around there by yourself. You do wonder if there are Alien eggs in there somewhere waiting for the right opportunity.

It gets even spookier because the best (read weirdest) rocks are about a half hour walk from the car park. And of course the best light is around sunset. And the location is miles from anywhere. So the walk back to the car is in almost complete darkness.

It's actually one of those times when a GPS is really useful for hiking.