Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Migrating South

After having had a great summer up north it feels like it is time to head south. Even in Fairbanks - which is where I'm writing this - apparently the locals are getting pretty antsy as the first snow is forecast for tonight.

The fall colours were wonderful in Denali National Park last week. I'm hoping to follow the colours south but it seems like they don't go in a straight line though.

A major part of the experience there was watching the Sandhill Cranes start their migration south. Some of them started in Siberia. I'm hoping I can see them on my way south. Alot of them head around the Canadian Rockies before going further south. Apparently they do up to 450 miles per day, and they started 2 days ago. I'm not sure whether I can keep up with them. They do make quite a racket, so I may be able just follow the noise.

As I head SOUTH one of the first towns is called North Pole.

Yes I and thousands of others are further north of North Pole. Yes, yet another Great American idea to generate business. Call a town "North Pole" and your Christmas presents can be made in a "North Pole". It's a bit like when the Japanese used to call a town of theirs Sheffield, so their steel can be labelled "Made in Sheffield". Well apparently North Pole failed to attract the businesses they expected. But you can rely on tourists to drop by and have a look. Last time I shot through and didn't really notice it.

A little further along there's a town called Chicken, 'cos apparently the early settlers couldn't take the winters up here. With a name like that I've gotta take a look. Nights are already dropping below freezing so South it is.


Anonymous said...

So you will be bringing back lots of presents?

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing up there. Great photo! -Nick D