Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Even The Wildlife is More Civilised Than Me!

Well I guess that it's no surprise to some (most?) of you that I'm starting to realise wildlife is somewhat more civilised than me.

I've now got as far as Homer on the end of the Kenai peninsula. It's famous as a spot for seeing large quantities of Bald Eagles. The last time I was here I very nearly got an amazing shot of a bald eagle rising out of the sea with a fish in it's talons. It flew straight at me and I took a sequence of photos as it got bigger. Then the film ran out, and it was all over. Now I have a digital camera with a better lens, faster focus tracking and most importantly almost endless memory capacity.

Apparently though the 'Bird Lady' who used to feed them has since died and alot of the birds have moved on. I had to be content with a reasonable shot of a juvenile digesting its dinner.

On the way 'home' one night I passed a mother moose and calf living in town...

Like most mothers, moose females can be very agressive, but this one tolerated me hanging around taking shots of the two of them until I got bored. Then it was me that had to head out of town to eat and sleep.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're enjoying the uncivilised life Davey. Love the comment "Like most mothers, moose females can be aggressive". Yep, you might have a few of those agressive mothers out there commenting on that. Aggressive comments most likely.
Johnny G

RebeccaJ said...

Awwww Baby!!! I love baby moose.

Jean Keene passed away Jan 13, 2009 but she only fed the eagles in the dead of winter so they never hung around in great numbers during the summer anyway.

There was some talk of tearing down the trailer camping area on the spit and putting in condos instead... Have they done that?

Hope you are enjoying some reindeer sausage and fresh halibut for me!! Yummy! Totally miss Homer!!

Anonymous said...


It looks like there are condos at the end of the spit next to the Lands End Resort. They look new, and they look better than endless forests of RVs. They're not bright white with individual satellite dishes and individual generators.

I got thanked by some locals today for NOT driving around in an RV. They were very pleased I don't like them. Apparently now I won't be the butt of the worst jokes.

Just trying to get some female reaction. It's lonely up here ;-))